Kozjansko Glows Permanent Exhibition

The Celje Museum of Recent History has opened the permanent exhibition called Kozjansko Glows in Planina on the first floor of the old Health Centre. 

The images and texts acquaint visitors with the period of World War II in the Kozjansko region, bringing them through a variety of periods: 

  • implementation of the German assimilation policy for the civil population, 
  • organisation of the first liberation fronts, 
  • escalation of occupier violence, 
  • fortification of the People’s Liberation Army, 
  • establishment of the liberated territory of Kozjansko, 
  • reoccupation by the occupier and final liberation in 1945. 

The presentation is based on photo material from that period, accompanied by documents, leaflets, posters and the Partisan press. 

By prior arrangement.
TIC Šentjur

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.1041324° Longitude: 15.4064138°