Descendant of the Old Vine

In front of the Ipavec House located at Ulica skladateljev Ipavcev 26, on a trellis grows a descendant of the oldest vine from Lent - “bleu de Cologne” (Modra kavčina).

The Šentjur Municipality received the vine as a gift from the Municipality of Maribor in 1998.

The roughly 440-year-old vine grows in the central part of the city of Maribor in Lent, more precisely at the address Vojašniška ulica 8 in Pristan. It grows on the south side of the façade of the one-story house. It got its name because of its respectable age, and ranks as one of the oldest domestic grape varieties in Slovenia, called “bleu de Cologne” (Modra kavčina) or “Žametna črnina”. Its age was established using the sondage method and with the aid of a microscope.

Modra Kavčina is a red vine variety with a wine of the same name. It is an indigenous Slovenian variety which ripens late, bears many grapes and is highly resistant to pests.

Za šentjursko trto skrbi mestni viničar Jurij Malovrh, ki je leta 2010 nasledil Acija Urbajsa.

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.2230676° Longitude: 15.3979204°