Parish Church of St. George in Šentjur and presbytery

Šentjur was first mentioned in association with the Parish Church of George in a document dating back to 1340. The present church was built on the site of an early Gothic church between 1708 and 1721.

According to tradition the church was constructed by the architect Fuchs from Maribor, who had some disagreements and left the project. The bell tower was added in 1760-1763. Dedication of the church to a saint shows that this dominant position has been a standpoint of religious objects from the Romanesque period. The church is a baroque style building with a nave, side chapels and a bell tower that was added later on. The altar is designed in the Neo-Renaissance style; the majority of the furnishing is from the 19th century. Pictures of the Stations of the Cross were painted by Janez Šubic, the main and side altars by Ivan Šubic and the altar painting by Janez Wolf.

Beneath the church is the presbytery with two levels and a basement, a symmetrical building with seven axes and a rich façade. It is a fine example of late Baroque architecture, which indicates classical elements. It was built in 1780, which is proved by a rich portal with a medallion bearing the inscription and the year. The building was designed according to the plans of the architect Franz Fuchs from Maribor.

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.2218333° Longitude: 15.3971747°