Memorial on Resevna Hill

On the meadow alongside the parking area is a monument with the words: 
Just before achieving freedom, 80 heroic fighters fell in action here at Resevna; the entire 2nd battalion of the Kozjansko detachment and commander Andi Šepetavec, the protective squad of the communist party district committee and commander Slapšak Gajst and many other activists. 
Two young heroes rest in peace here: partisan Cvetka Jerin who was a land committee member of the Union of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia for Styria, and Dušan Lah, assistant to the veterinary chief at the main Partisan post in Slovenia. They fell in action on the 18th of March 1945 while fighting for the freedom and happiness of younger generations. 

Young fighters – our role models. 
War never again. 
Enough blood has been spilt. 
We want peace and freedom. 
                      The Youth 

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.193962° Longitude: 15.370294°