Mountain Lodge on Resevna (682 m)

The lodge is located slightly below the peak on the southern side of Resevna (682 m), a hill on the northern outskirts of the Kozjansko region. The Šentjur Mountaineering Society first built a wooden 12-metre-high lookout tower, and handed it over for its purpose on 29 November, 1953. Then they set up a modest shelter slightly below the peak, which was opened on 1 May, 1954. Both facilities soon became clapped-out. In 1961, the construction of the current lodge began, which took several years due to lack of financial resources. However, it became a shelter for its visitors as early as 1963. Its first solemn opening took place on 20 September, 1981, on the 30th anniversary of the operations of the Society. New management, new approaches, new results. The functionality of the premises was improved with reconstructions in 1991.

The cornerstone of the much-awaited lookout tower was laid in 1995, with all the documents required. In 1996, on the 45th anniversary of the operations of the Society, and at the municipal holiday on 21 September, the miraculous solemn opening of the 20-metre metal lookout tower took place with the help of many sponsors. Large binoculars were purchased and installed in 1997. A drinking water supply was installed at the lodge, with an electricity supply relocated from poles to the ground, and telephony with a public phone booth installed in 1998. Central heating through a farmhouse stove was installed in the lodge in 1999, with the toilet renovated. Roofing reconstruction with tile insulation and earthing of the entire lodge was performed in 2004. The new shelter was opened in 2005 with the help of craftsmen.

Opening hours:

From Wednesday to Friday: From 8 am to 8 pm (until 9 pm in the summer)

On Saturday, Sunday and holidays: From 7 am to 8 pm (until 9 pm in the summer)

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Upon prior arrangement, it can also be opened for large groups on other days.



Telephone: 00386 (0)41 772 987


    Beds in rooms – 20                                 

    Joint beds – 13

Dining room:
    50 seats


  • There is no view from the lodge, so you have to climb the peak of Resevna, which takes 5 minutes, and then to the lookout tower.
  • To the east, you can see the pointy Rifnik in the vicinity with Boč and Donačka gora behind, Bohor slightly to the south and Slijeme pri Zagrebu behind;
  • To the south, you can see Kalobje, Lisca, Veliko Kozje and Kum above Zagorje;
  • To the south-west, you can see Svetina and Tovsti vrh in the vicinity with Malič, Šmohor and the Sava Hills behind;
  • Towards the west, you can see the Julian Alps, with Triglav and the Kamnik Alps if the weather is nice:
  • To the north-west, you can see the Celje basin and the hills above the Savinja valley, Gozdnik, Mrzlica and Raduha with the Kozjak mountains continuing to the north and Plešivec and Peca behind:
  • To the north, you can see Konjiška gora and Pohorje with Rogla behind.


By bike, car:

To reach the parking area by the fallen fighters monument 5 minutes below the lodge, drive along the local road from Šentjur through the settlements of Hruševec and Kranjčica – 7 km.

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.193857591695° Longitude: 15.367926653967°