Partisan Hospital Zima

The hospital was built by the locals as an underground bunker in 1944 on the orders of the divisional staff of the XIVth Division. They found a location in the Šohta forest. There was enough water and the place could be kept hidden in the winter months. A bunker for food was built nearby and an additional bunker for evacuation of the wounded built near Marija Dobje. The doctor was Dr. Gabrijel Hrušovar - Drago.
The Partisan Hospital Zima was part of the medical section of the IVth operational zone in the area between Celje, Poljčane, Slovenske Konjice and Vojnik. The need for it arose due to the intensive operation of the Bračič and Tomšič brigades in the summer of 1944.
The hospital accepted its first wounded in August 1944. During its operation, the hospital treated 124 severely wounded people. It was discovered in February 1945, but the wounded had been relocated in time 
The hospital was renovated in 1976. 

In Cerovec – in the woods by the Zima motorway rest area (from the direction of Celje before the exit for Dramlje). 

Krajevna skupnost Blagovna  /Community Blagovna
Phone: +386 (0)3 748 90 10

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.031981° Longitude: 14.529676°