Kalan Herb Farm

Slovenes can boast beautiful preserved nature, but there are not many places where man and nature cooperate in coexistence as we have known long since.  One of such regions is Kozjansko. The geographical diversity of the Kozjansko region does not enable the penetration of industry, with the forests and fragmented farms not enabling intensive agriculture. 

The small village of Kalobje, where the Kalan Herb Farm is located, can be found on the north-western part of the Kozjansko region at an altitude of 620 m. There is a wonderful view of Pohorje, Uršla gora, Peca, the Alps, Kum and the entire Kozjansko region from Kalobje. In the unspoilt nature of the hills of Kozjansko, we began growing medicinal and aromatic plants. Natural conditions allow us organic – nature-friendly production, without mineral fertilisers and sprays, by cultivating the fields, harvesting, removing fallen-off, decayed and damaged parts from the herbs manually, and drying them in a drying room for herbs. This processing method does not allow us to grow huge quantities of herbs. However, the quality of our herbs is exceptional.

Around 50 species of medicinal plants are grown on our fields in an organic manner. Only plants, which cannot be grown, or for which it does not make sense to grow them, are picked on the unspoilt hills of Kozjansko. Our production allows us to preserve our environment and make our landscape more diverse. Herbs, grown, purified and packaged in such manner, conjure up he beauties of our landscape to you and your loved ones, filling you with the extreme power of nature. We invite you to visit us during our opening hours and buy the herbs on our farm. If you do not live close to us, you can call us and we can send you the herbs by mail. 

Basic offer

The following herbs are grown: Buckwheat, purple coneflower, cardoon, valerian, blessed thistle, elder, birch, lemon beebrush, hoary willowherb, hyssop, chamomile, Korean mint, fennel, nettle, linden, mullein, thyme, lemon balm, field horsetail, pot marigold, oats, milk thistle, lady’s mantle, cornflower, peppermint, yarrows, lavender, marshmallow plant, mallow, eyebright, motherwort, perforate St John’s wort, rose-hip, common centaury, plantain, goldenrod, sage, tea blends: Good Morning, Sweet Dreams, Purifying and Stomach Tea, and the production of traditional preparations from herbs; tinctures, oils and ointments, business gifts and distillation of some essential oils.
Other offers

Workshops on the production, use, preparation and sale of herbs are held by arrangement in the winter from 15 October to 30 April, with tours of the farm organised in the summer.

Opening hours
Every Friday between 9 am and 6 pm, giving prior notice by phone and by prior arrangement outside these opening hours.

Points of sale
The Mercator Centre Celje organic market: Every Saturday from 1 September to 30 April between 9 am and 1 pm.
Mercator Centre Velenje: Every Saturday from 1 September to 30 April between 9 am and 1 pm.
CityCenter Celje: Every Thursday from 1 September to 30 April between 2 and 7 pm.
Purchase of herbs at the farm: Every Friday between 9 am and 6 pm, giving prior notice by phone.

Expert guided tours of the farm for groups are available from 15 May to 15 September, only by prior arrangement. The tour includes a visit to the herbal garden (140 different species of herbs), the exhibition of dried herbs, the drying room, one of the fields, as well as a tasting of herbal tea and herbal spread.

From the Ljubljana–Maribor motorway turn towards Šentjur at the exit for Dramlje. When you arrive at Šentjur, continue between Rifnik and Resevna all the way to Jakob, turning left for Kalobje by a small church only 5 km from Šentjur. After ascending for 3 km, you arrive at Kalobje. There is a small round plague column at the end of the village where you turn right, and, after 400 m, at the end of the asphalt road, you arrive at our Kalan Herb Farm.  

Telephone: 00386 (0)3 579 50 11, 00386 (0)41 311 884
E-mail: zelisca@siol.net

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.1672545° Longitude: 15.3862264°