St Martin’s Day the Old Way at Saint Helen

The primary purpose of the event is to revive old habits and customs on St. Martin's name day, and promote the wine-growing region around St. Helen’s Church, above the villages of Javorje and Bukovje, forming a part of the Šmarsko-Virštanj wine road.  In this region, wine-growing, with a tradition of several hundred years contributed to the formation of numerous autochthonous habits, customs and special naming of old objects, which they would like to revive with this event. On this day, the doors of over 20 vineyard cottages open, with the selection of the Wine Queen representing the peak of the event.


Saint Helen Society
Franc Žurej
Phone: 00386 (0)41 203 914

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.172310825572° Longitude: 15.449840654492°