Church of St. Rosalie in Zlateče pri Šentjurju

This Baroque building from the 17th century was erected after the plague epidemic (1645) – at first the presbytery, and then the nave. Stones from the nearby Anderburg Castle were used for construction materials. The chapel of St. Anthony of Padua was added to the church in 1746. On the vault, there are frescoes by Franc Jelovšek. The church is adorned with five altars. The main altar is dedicated to St. Rosalie and is one of the most beautiful baroque golden altars in this area. The church is also decorated with a pulpit with the four Evangelists depicted. The exceptional dimensions of the bushy chandelier, made around 1850, is said to be the product of the Loka Glassworks. A special place in the church are the carved doors. The main door on the west side are double-leafed and bear the year 1670. At the same time, single-leaf doors were constructed, adorning the north and south sides of the church. They represent one of the most beautiful preserved doors.

The bell from the church bell tower of the Church of St. Rosalie inspired the composer Gustav Ipavec from Šentjur to write the song “From the tower here” (Iz stolpa sem.).

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.2292357° Longitude: 15.3752418°