Blagovna Hiking Trail

The trail, which is a good 12 km long, starts at the Blagovna Sports Park in Proseniško. From here, the trail leads past a pond with an island towards the former Blagovna Manor. From here, we head to the left along the road past the large Gologranc farm. Then we continue all the way to the main road again. After a few metres of walking along the edge of the roadway, we turn right into a side road. We turn left by the first residential houses and cross a small bridge. Uphill along a path past fields and rich meadows, we arrive at a few houses, continuing left at the crossroads towards the Church of St. Rosalie.
From there, the trail leads past the remains of former water mills towards the monument of humanity – Partisan Hospital Zima . We turn down the asphalt road past the settlement of Repno. After the descent, we arrive at the main road. After crossing it, we continue straight on towards Goričica past Mary’s Cross. At the first turn, we turn right and walk around two homesteads. We stick to the dirt road until we arrive at a forest. Along the forest path, we continue towards Kuharjev mlin (mill). The trail proceeds towards a ranch along a dirt road and then turns right. Soon we arrive at a meadow leading ahead towards the bridge across the motorway.  We turn left inside a forest towards Zima Hospital, or right to a large arranged resting place.

Along a forest path past the ponds with swans, the trail leads back to its starting point.

There are also a short walkway and a fitness-trekking trail available.

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.2398287° Longitude: 15.3489461°