Žusem Adventure Castle Nature Trail

The Springs (Izviri) Society designed the Žusem castle nature trail, intended to bring the natural heritage of Dobrina, Žamerk and Žusem closer to its users in the framework of the Leader Project. Its speciality is adventure playgrounds, functioning according to the “I see – I know” principle intended principally for the youth acquiring knowledge during nature science days through fun, and also for hikers, recreation enthusiasts and nature lovers. There are four adventure points on the 7-km route: Meeting with the sunbeam and a drop of water (Srečanje z žarkom in kapljico) – a geographical point, Above the castle tunnel (Nad grajskim rovom) – a sensory and play point, Countess Anne’s Adventures (Dogodivščine grofične Ane) – a historical point on the adventure playground, where you will look for treasure, and The sounds of nature (Zvoki narave), where you will discover the sounds of the wind, water, plants and different animals, from small to big. Resting places and viewpoints are also arranged along the undemanding diverse nature trail, with natural and cultural values marked as well.

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 46.1584826° Longitude: 15.5149185°